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Microsoft PowerPoint.

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PowerPoint is easy-to-use and probably already installed on your computer. Search this Guide Search. Research Posters and Presentations.

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Choosing a Design Program There are several software programs that you can use to create a poster. Here are a few programs that you can use to make your poster: Adobe InDesign Recommended program for creating posters. Adobe Illustrator Typically used for creating vector graphics, such as logos, diagrams and illustrations.

Poster-making 101

On the Document tab, select Custom slide size Enter whatever size poster you want, in pixels. Figure that the printout will be at 72 pixels per inch, so a 4- by 3-foot poster would be x pixels. When you're ready to print, export to whatever file type your poster printer accepts.

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Essential information for preparing a poster for the poster printer

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How to Make a Poster in PowerPoint: 10 Simple Steps | Design Shack

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User Functions Username: Password:. What's New in the Forums? Nano 7 - backgrounds Our paper is 36 inches wide, so one poster edge must be 36" or less.

Having one of your two dimensions 36" is advantageous; it keeps you from having to manually trim your poster. Instead, insert a text box, then paste your text info this text box. This will alleviate potential scaling and font issues.

How to Create a Fabric Presentation Poster from a PowerPoint or PDF

If you wish to have shaded backgrounds behind individual text blocks, make these as separate boxes from the draw menu and place them behind the text boxes. A minimum font of 24 point is recommended for general text. If you have to go much smaller that that in order to fit it on the poster, perhaps you're using too much text!