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His Motown appearance this summer proved his proselytizing fans correct, and I am converted.

Ripe with a plethora of horn sections, honky-tonk pianos and gospel choirs, then counterpointed by the traditional folk instrumentation of acoustic guitars, mandolin and banjo, the album abounds with sonic diversity. Adams crafts another collection of emotionally-charged songs, but augments them with a backdrop of ambient, atmospheric soundscapes, reminiscent of a musical era somewhere between and This was the case even with his stripped-back, folk-centric efforts of previous releases.

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  • Mac Miller dead at 26: Remembering the rapper's evolution from frat star to young visionary.
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During his Grand Rapids stopover, a capacity crowd at Founders Brewing raved and reveled in the electric, rollicking vibes. The Austin, Texas songwriter commanded the stage with searing confidence and swagger, and fledged a set chock full of protest-worthy songs and socially aware provisions. It seems like Erlewine was really going for it on this album, and get it she did. For any fan of the alt-country genre, this album, driven by steel guitars and road-weary vocals, is an absolute must to indulge in.

The album, in a nutshell, resonates life. After spending a night under the stars with 9, other people there really, truly is nothing more special than sharing space in the intimate Boulder setting with fellow die-hard fans.

Best Music of 2017: The Critics’ Picks from Local Spins

Damn, indeed. From the first time I saw them live, and even hearing them on local radio broadcasts on WYCE, I have a blast each time one of their songs start to play. The varied styles of songs and tones in the album span the gamut from new originals to previously unrecorded songs that fans have enjoyed at live shows for years. But if you enjoy the album, make a point to see them live.

They are lighting up the airwaves and charts for a very good reason. Her inspirational message — a fearless call to action in many cases — urges us to do what we can to make the life we live beautiful. And you can clearly hear this, in every word of her music — with not only a beautiful voice, but the words to inspire a change for the better in the world around her. With so many lyrics in her albums, she can bring crowds full of fans to tears; they are moved by the message, as well as the melodies.

In a recent Grand Rapids appearance this fall, she introduced her new single to the crowd in was to become a call-and-response style, but the crowd sang it back to her right away. They already knew it. Her devoted fans love everything she puts out, as well they should.

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Now that his debut album is making waves with blues lovers everywhere, he has been selling out crowds across Michigan, even recently opening for blues great Tab Benoit in Kalamazoo. With his blazing solo riffs and the powerful vocals and lyrics of a performer twice or in this case, perhaps three times his age, he backs up that stage presence with a great debut album, with a variety of style and tone that any soulful broken heart would be proud of. As well as insightful lyrics and a variety of tones and melodies to experience, the album hosts a vast array of instrumental guest performances from other West Michigan musicians and friends.

The roots Americana group from Albion has been catching attention with every performance, from Walk the Beat Albion to even getting a nod from Rolling Stone Magazine from their set at AmericanaFest earlier this year in Nashville. The only thing more stunning than the story of how the two performers got involved in music, met, fell in love, and took to the stage to set airwaves ablaze nationwide is hearing them belt out the emotional notes of their original lyrics.

No stranger to the local music scene, Fogle has several groups and projects currently underway, as well as traveling around the Lakeshore, teaching piano to several students, and saving plenty of time to support other local performers at house shows around West Michigan. But somehow, she made time to take on one of the most intimidating challenges I have ever heard of: writing a song every day, for every day in Well on her way to completing this challenge, Fogle religiously posts a song to her Facebook and Instagram pages every day — sometimes at her piano or keyboard, sometimes with her trusty ukulele, she pours out her heart and emotions for all to hear and enjoy.

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Sometimes, they are uplifting, happy tones; while others are dark and somber. But either way, this speaks to her versatility as a songwriter, and her passionate approach to her music and passions. Even as the initial threat of rain gave way to a full-blown rainstorm, leaving everyone in the crowd soaking wet, the New-Orleans jazz-rock inspired party barely even slowed down. After his impressive solo out among the crowd, the bone-soaked horn player — surrounded by cheering fans — threw both fists up in triumph, as if proving music is stronger than any storm nature can throw our way.

That was truly a party I will not soon forget. All nine musicians— whose talents span folk, pop, bluegrass and even classical—played and sang into just two microphones.

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Jaco was at his musical peak, having released two solo albums as well as just ending his six-year stint with Weather Report. I used to be the only one in the club that didn't know the lyrics, now I scream them.

Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you, remember I'll always be true This is just one of those simple songs that is basically 2 chords on guitar the whole time but i just love to jam out to and can recite and sing all the verses! If you didn't already, CAn't Touch This has some great dance moves to accompany catch lyrics plus it makes parachute pants look cool.

Can you say double victory? This is embarrassing! But yep, still remember all the words from back in lower school! Yes, lower school!