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My Passport is a series of portable external hard drives produced by Western Digital. There are currently six series of My Passport drives; Essential Edition, Essential SE Edition, Elite Edition, Essential for Mac, Studio Edition and the Essential SE for Mac.

Jo couldn't prevent herself from watching her through the window and was so distracted that she didn't hear Mac come up behind her. She's taken a hell of a beating; fractured wrist, fractured jaw, her face is that battered she can barely see out of her left eye; she's got bruising on her neck and all over her body…' Jo began explaining before breaking off as tears pricked at her eyes. I never realised you had another daughter. It's kinda complicated; she's actually my niece but I've looked after her since she was little. I'm all she has really. Maddie's father was a bully who took advantage of Marina.

He used to beat her for the hell of it. When Maddie was about five he beat Marina to death and then took off; I've been searching for him ever since but I've never found him.

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It must have been tough for you. Maddie helped me through it all. She was such a resiliant little thing and bounced back stronger than ever, she's always been full of surprises. Jo found a table by the window whilst Mac went to buy their coffee. She glanced out of the window as she gently rubbed her temple, the stress and exhaustion really beginning to take its toll.

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She stayed over this weekend because Sunday was mother's day. She came round with a gorgeous bunch of flowers. She's always spoiled me on mother's day or my birthday. Shortly after moving in with me she got upset at school because a boy made fun of her because she didn't have a mom. She was so upset that it took me all night to console her.

Anyway long story short she realised that I was the closest thing she had to a mom, so sometimes she'll call me mom and other times it's just Jo; it depends on what mood she's in. She's been here…let me think…about four years. She'd just turned eighteen and had got a place at university here. I was terrified about letting her come alone, but as per usual she just took it all in her stride. I can't tell you how excited I was when she told me that that's what she wanted to do, and she's doing so well at it too.

She's hoping to come and join us at the crime lab once she's graduated. Both Jo and Mac left their table to return the Maddie's side, and hoped that now she was rested she might be able to tell them more about her attack. Remember Me. Detective Josephine Danville needed to take a step back from the man she didn't recognize anymore.

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She didn't believe that reconnection was at all possible, but was it? Mac and Christine ended their relationship peacefully, and Christine has some parting words for Jo. It would tell her she had been in that office for more than twenty minutes, which was enough for her but not enough for the psychologist to sign the damn paper allowing her to go back to work.

If she didn't have killed him, Mac would have done it himself for causing her so much pain. Plagued by the memory of what used to be between the two of them, both Josephine and Mac come to terms with the fact that maybe what they had has been damaged forever. Is it at all possible to rediscover that rare, valuable relationship? Eventual JAC. Mac believes that committing a crime is never justifiable regardless of the circumstances. This was especially evident in the Season 6 episode "Blacklist" when the murderer, who was dying of lung cancer and murdered the healthcare professionals he felt were responsible for his condition, attempted to gain Mac's sympathy by mentioning Mac's father, who died of small-cell lung cancer.

Jo Danville y mac taylor

Mac refuses and retorts at the suspect, telling him "If you have a message, write your congressman. Mac believes in following the evidence, not trusting to intuition. He looks at a crime scene and often the world with Veneziano's theory of quantum physics in mind: Everything is connected. In Mac's mind, if he and his team can just figure out the connections, then they can solve the crime.

Only once does he state otherwise, when he and Lindsay Monroe are called to a corpse sitting on a Central Park bench, whose death at first seems inexplicable to Lindsay. Mac proceeds to show his cause of death by saying, "Don't quote me on this, Lindsay, but sometimes While Mac typically displays a somber and serious demeanor, he does have a lighter side; he teases Sheldon Hawkes in episode 2. Later in Season 2, Lindsay Monroe discovers that he plays bass guitar in a jazz club when he is off-duty. However, she did not feature in the 7th season.

Mac Taylor

Mac first meets Aubrey in his local Deli. In dealing with the younger members of his team, Mac is strict and does not hesitate to suspend them if they are found to be in a conflict of interest or becoming too emotionally attached to a case, such as when Aiden Burn was pursuing the DJ Pratt rape case and when Hawkes did not report a personal conflict of interest when his ex-girlfriend was a subject in one of Mac's investigations. Mac had a close friendship with fellow detective Stella Bonasera and was suitably concerned when she was held hostage in her own apartment by her deranged boyfriend, Frankie Mala, in 2.

After she is discharged from the hospital, he "orders" her to take some time off and get counseling before coming back to work. He once tells Stella he wouldn't do this job without her. She also informs the press that there is no one inside or outside her profession that she trusts more than Mac Taylor. Danny Messer has developed a deep trust in him. In Season 2 the team began investigating an old murder case after remains dating over a decade ago were found in a football field and tied to a street gang Danny and his older brother Louie once ran with when Danny was a youngster.

Danny denies having any connection with the remains and Mac displays his trust in him by telling him "I believe you". Danny, however, is the last to find out about the romance between Mac and Peyton episode 3. Mac was a witness at Danny's marriage ceremony to Lindsay Monroe [16] and the godfather of their daughter Lucy. In season three, he is revealed to have been dating Dr. Peyton Driscoll , one of the medical examiners. His relationship with Peyton has not been easy; his insistence that they keep their relationship under wraps at the lab conflicts with her desire to be less secretive about them.

A particularly tense moment occurs during episode 3.

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  6. The two reconcile with a hug in the lab in the next episode 3. Later, by episode 3. Danny then asks Mac, "So am I the last one to hear about this? Danny asks if Don Flack knows, and Mac confirms that he does. This seems to indicate that Danny is indeed the last to know about the relationship, and no one at the lab has expressed any reservations about it. She wants him to use ten days of the seven weeks of vacation time he has accumulated.

    At first Mac is uncertain if he wants to go, but after the events in the episode take place, he informs his teammates that he is going to England with Peyton.

    However, Mac returns to New York without Peyton at the start of season 4, and at the end of the 4th episode, "Time's Up", he receives a letter from her saying that she has decided to stay in London with her family and that a long-distance relationship would never work, because "however close we may be, there would always be an ocean between us. Mac's relationship with former M. However, in episode 3.

    They reconciled in episode 3. Azrael", when Mac confides to Hawkes about his father's final agonizing months dying from cancer. When Hawkes is falsely accused in a robbery-homicide, Mac puts his career on the line to help his friend, locking himself in the interrogation room with Sheldon to question him, even though his team had been removed from the case episode 3. This trust becomes strained when Mac discovers that one of Flack's detectives is dirty.

    Mac asks for Flack's memo book to determine which officer was the culprit. Despite Flack's unwillingness to believe that one of his men is corrupt, he eventually capitulates and turns over the notebook. When Mac locks himself in the interrogation room to talk freely with wrongly-accused Sheldon Hawkes , Flack defends Mac to his Captain, saying that they'd do the same for each other episode 3.

    Flack and Mac argue again briefly when a serial killer is released from prison thanks to the aforementioned arrest of the detective, but they quickly put aside their differences to catch the murderer and put him away for good episode 3. During the final episode of the first season Mac is seen talking to a woman who later asks him for a drink, she meets him again and the episode ends. In the first half of season 3, Mac met Reed Garrett , the child that Claire relinquished for adoption before she met Mac.

    They met when Mac caught him following Stella, who Reed mistakenly believed to be his mother. Mac offers him his business card and asks for a chance to get to know him, but is initially turned down. In spite of Reed's reluctance to keep in touch with Mac, Mac still reaches out to him.

    Personal Hell Chapter 1, a csi: new york fanfic | FanFiction

    At Thanksgiving, Mac visits Reed at his adoptive parents' home and gives him photos of Claire. The pictures of Claire are actually given to Reed when Mac has invited him for burgers and gets a call, Mac asks Reed to "hold on to these for me. During season 4 we discover that Reed has become a blogger and has a very popular column. He visits and calls Mac often wanting the latest scoop on the "Cabbie Killer.

    In episode 4. When Mac goes to talk to him about his source, he finds Reed's backpack on the floor of his apartment hallway, and his keys still in the lock. Back at the lab, he realizes that Reed has been kidnapped by his source—the Cabbie Killer himself. Mac is extremely worried for his stepson's life. Through posts on Reed's blog, the team is able to locate the Cabbie Killer and the now injured Reed. Mac stays with Reed at the hospital, and after catching the Cabbie Killer, takes him home. Mac's badge number is Mac keeps a pile of unsolved cases on the corner of his desk.

    He usually sacrifices his off-days when cracking a cold case or an urgent case episode 3. Flack commented in episode 5. In episode 1. Mac later flies down to Miami to assist Caine in recapturing escaped murderer Henry Darius, who eventually heads back to New York.

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    In one episode, Mac and Flack are caught in a bomb blast in a building while trying to evacuate it. Mac and his team discover the NYC bomber to be a schizophrenic would-be Marine out to prove the vulnerability of the city to terrorist attack. By appealing to the man's sense of military duty, Mac is able to get him to surrender. The detective privately acknowledges to Stella that, while the bomber's methods may have been flawed, Mac could not argue against the principle of protecting his city and country. After the resolution of the crisis, Mac and the other CSIs stay by Flack's hospital bedside in shifts until he recovers.

    Mac and Flack are also instrumental in ending a hostage situation involving a deaf young man holding his baby daughter and his murdered girlfriend's mother at gunpoint in their car. While Mac talks to the young man, Flack sneaks up on the other side of the car and slips the baby out of the vehicle through the driver's side window. As soon as the child is secure, Mac is able to safely disarm the young man without anyone getting injured. The baby is then returned to the custody of her grateful grandparents episode 3.

    One of Mac's most difficult situations on the job involves the discovery of Aiden Burn 's questionable behavior. Though Aiden eventually does not follow through, she had broken the seal on the evidence, and Mac, insistent on preserving the integrity of the lab, felt that his only option was to fire her. Nevertheless, he promises Aiden that he will bring the rapist to justice, a promise that he makes good on with Aiden's help in a sad irony in episode 2.

    A serial killer, Clay Dobson, whom Mac helped put away five years previously, comes back to haunt him after the man is released, thanks to Mac's arrest of the detective Dean Truby who took his confession. Mac's single-minded intensity in his renewed pursuit of this killer makes him short-tempered with his concerned coworkers. After the CSIs discover one of Dobson's victims is still alive, Mac charges after him, alone, cornering him on a roof of a tall building.

    Dobson comes crashing to earth moments later, fatally impacting on the hood of a police cruiser, only feet away from Flack and some uniformed officers arriving as backup. His hands are cuffed, and Mac gazes down from the roof in horror episode 3. Flashbacks in the following episode reveal that Dobson intentionally fell from the roof, telling Mac that if he went down, he would take the detective with him. The Chief of Detectives, Brigham Sinclair, in a bid to remove Mac from his position at the lab for political reasons, as Mac believes , initiates an Internal Affairs investigation, even though the district attorney did not find enough evidence to charge Mac episode 3.

    During the hearing, the prosecutor appears to be determined to destroy Mac's career, despite attempts by his colleagues to aid him in their testimony. Former Detective Truby calls Taylor from jail, desiring to meet him in person. During the visit, Truby, guilty over Dobson's release, offers Mac a trump card to play against Deputy Inspector Gerrard and Sinclair: When Dobson had originally been arrested several years previously, Gerrard, then a lieutenant, failed to remove Dobson's belt. Dobson used the belt in a suicide attempt in his cell.

    Gerrard and Sinclair, the precinct captain, covered up the suicide attempt as well as Gerrard's lapse in procedure.